Oil is rebounding in Asia

Oil prices rebounded in Asia on Thursday, under the influence of favorable price buying, after falling sharply due to the US offer.
Light sweet crude for the May delivery of US crude gained 32 cents to $ 50.76 in electronic exchanges in Asia.

Brent North Sea crude for June delivery was up 40 cents to $ 53.33. According to Reuters.

The US Department of Energy said weekly crude oil reserves were slightly lower, but fuel stocks in particular rose 2 million barrels. At the same time, US production, which has been increasing for months, rose by 17,000 barrels per day.

Heart diseases are linked to car exhausts

People living near sources of severe pollution, due to traffic congestion, may be more likely to develop heart disease, according to a US study.
The study, which quoted "extracts", said that the fine particles in this type of pollution reduce the levels of "good" cholesterol, which the body needs for healthy blood flow.

High-density lipoprotein helps reduce the risk of heart disease by clearing blood vessels from impurities and lowering triglycerides, which are dangerous fats that make blood more viscous and more susceptible to clotting.

The researchers studied 6,654 adults and found that people exposed to higher levels of micro- and micro-particles as a result of traffic pollution usually had lower HDL levels in their blood.

Previous research has linked traffic pollution, increased risk of lung damage, respiratory and vascular disease, and stroke.

Facebook "provides" the Internet via helicopter

Facebook has announced that it is developing a small helicopter that can be deployed in emergencies to provide Internet service.
The new aircraft will provide an "instant infrastructure" to provide Internet service in times of crisis, the company said at the annual Facebook conference held in San Jose, California, adding that the plane will be named "Teaser Tina".

The helicopter is used in emergency situations so that it is useful, for example after a cyclone disrupts Internet traffic in the area or other natural disasters.

It is not clear whether Facebook will build its own fleet of helicopters for this purpose, or whether it will work with a telecommunications partner to build a fleet.

Detection of "Super Earth"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US scientists have discovered a planet called Super Earth because of its similarity to Earth, suggesting it is the most exciting discovery in the field of viable planets.
Scientists looking for viable planets have suggested that Super Earth is about 39 light-years away, Sky News reported Wednesday.

Scientists at the Harvard Sutsonian Center for Royal Physics say the age of the cup is more than 5 billion years old, enough for the evolution of life.

"This is the most exciting outer planet I have seen in the past decade," said research leader Dr. Jason Dittman. "We did not hope for more than this discovery since the beginning of the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life."

According to available data, the size of the planet is 1.4 times the size of the Earth, seven times the Earth's mass.

The scientists say it is located in the heart of a healthy area for the population, a region where the temperature reaches a reasonable degree to allow the flow of surface water, indicating that the "super land" consists of rocks and soles of iron.

The scientific discovery was reported in the journal Nature, and scientists used the mother Earth telescope at the Space Observatory in Chile.

US scientists stepped up their search for viable planets after the discovery of the first such planet outside the solar system in 1992. Since then, 3500 worlds have been discovered in 2675 astral systems.

Pirates expose US surveillance of bank transfers

Piracy reports have revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has access to a SWIFT banking system, allowing it to monitor financial flows between some Middle Eastern and Latin American banks.
According to online security adviser Shin Shuk, who helped banks investigate the intrusion of their SWIFT systems, the files, which were leaked by a group called Shadow Brokers, included computer code that could be adapted by criminals to penetrate system servers and monitor messaging activities .

Security sources said the leaks also revealed software to attack different versions of the Windows operating system, some of which at least still work so far.

Microsoft, developer of Windows, said in a statement to Reuters that it had not warned any part of the US government that such files had been found or stolen. "Unlike journalists, no individual or organization has contacted us with regard to materials from shadow brokers.

Shawk warned that cybercriminals could use information published on Friday to infiltrate banks and steal money in operations that mimicked the Central Bank of Bangladesh (CBB) 's penetration incident and resulted in the theft of $ 81 million.

The SWIFT system is used by banks to transfer trillions of dollars every day. The SWIFT, a Belgian-based company, has reduced the risk of attacks using the code recently published. She regularly issues security updates and teaches her clients how to deal with known threats.

Swift denied that there was any evidence that the main network of its messaging system had entered without authorization. "In particular, the National Security Agency did not mention that local messaging systems for some client banks could have penetrated," the statement said in a statement.

Documents from the Shadow Brokers group indicate that the NSA may have reached Swift through its service offices. Swift service offices are companies that provide a SWIFT access point for smaller network customers and may send or receive money transfer messages on their behalf.

The documents leaked by the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, Edward Snowden, in 2013 revealed that the agency was monitoring Swift's messaging system to monitor remittances aimed at financing the crimes

Smart vehicles reshape coalitions in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, car deals are on the rise, with the rapid transition of self-propelled vehicles from research to short-term production in many major automakers around the world.
This shift was behind deals such as those concluded last week between Robert Bosch Supply and Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz. Bush and Mercedes said they would cooperate to develop self-driving vehicles where Bush's broad role in systems integration would be used. Bush expects the joint developed systems to be sold to other companies.

According to Reuters, self-driving cars are expected to start production by 2020 and 2021. But analysts said this type of car would not be widely used before 2030.

Major automobile manufacturers are rich in engineers specializing in the fields of physics, materials science and mechanical systems. The development of self-driving cars requires experts in artificial intelligence, robotics, computer programming and digital networks. Such experts are still largely away from the auto industry.

But companies usually take different paths to gain engineering skills, which has been done in partnerships like those held between Bush and Mercedes. Other companies, such as General Motors, continue to operate in this field independently, acquiring startups in self-driving vehicles and developing technology within the company.

North Korea's "nuclear submarines" are causing panic

Concerns are growing that North Korea will launch a nuclear attack amid reports of its readiness to carry out a sixth nuclear test and concern over its "mysterious" submarines, which have disappeared from radar screens.
Some 50 North Korean submarines disappeared from the radar two years ago, before security officials in South Korea confirmed that many of them had reappeared, the Daily Mail reported.

Last December, satellite images in the southern port of Sinbo showed that there may be preparations for attacks from submarines. Camouflage nets have been removed from weapons and equipment near the submarines has been equipped to suggest possible attacks.

This comes at a time when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said North Korea might launch missile attacks with chemical sarin gas in an attack similar to that of Khan Sheikun in Syria.

The North 38 Institute said that based on satellite imagery on March 25, North Korea was preparing for a sixth nuclear test.

He said the images showed mechanisms and equipment (communication cables and water pumps) at the Bungyei-ri site, indicating that he was preparing for a sixth nuclear test, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung's founder.

The tension between the United States and North Korea has escalated in recent weeks, amid reports of Pyongyang's intention to carry out the nuclear test Saturday, coinciding with the celebrations of the 115th anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung