Is the Sudanese civilization precedes the ancient Egyptian civilization?

Is the Sudanese civilization precedes the ancient Egyptian civilization?

Or is it possible to consider that the ancient Egyptian civilization is an extension of the Sudanese civilization, which was delayed in time, meaning that it came after the flourishing of the ancient Sudanese civilization first, and then moved to the top of the Nile Valley, and formed a separate civilization took all the cultural foundations of the civilization of Sudan! However, archaeological and scientific research has shown that the ancient Egyptians are ancient Sudanese. They may have separated from the ancient Sudanese civilization, mixed with some other human species, and became the ancient civilization of Egypt! Ancient Egypt became a self-contained state that, in some historical periods, attacked and invaded the old Sudan.

Here we are talking about the first civilization - the Sudanese civilization - which is one of the oldest human civilizations - by the testimony of a number of archaeologists I will mention later - from which ancient Egypt took its beliefs and religious rites, irrigation methods, agriculture and pet domestication, Language, arithmetic, and calendar. These things developed and flourished in ancient Egypt, and may have acquired other names, due to the natural evolution in the process of things over time. Religious beliefs and rituals may change the names of the gods and the manner in which religious weather is practiced in the transition to a new environment over time from the beginning of the date of transition or adoption. This also applies to the method of calculation, language, calendar and agriculture. And certainly may be the creation and establishment of concepts of cultural and scientific foundations and practical in the new civilization evolve independently of the first civilization

Anis Mansour
"Because I wrote a lot about the people of Nubia and their great history, and they are the origin of the Pharaonic civilization, and that our kings and queens beautiful jewelers Nubiat except Nefertiti seem to be of non-Egyptian origins, but Hatshepsut and Nefertari and Titn Hama Akhenaten and others Nuba. I think that the Akhenaten protectors are the most beautiful lips in the history of Pharaonic Egypt and the most beautiful nose, but the hymns are prominent and this indicates the origin of Africa, and also wrote that the Nubian country was directly linked to Europe, without stopping at the cities of the face and the capital Memphis, The Greeks, the nobles and their nobles and kings are also those who taught Egypt and the Greeks the system of the king and the system of promotion among jobs. "Middle East ... 22 October 2005

The Swiss daily Le Matin devoted a full page to the Pharaonic civilization in Sudan on Sunday, 26 - 06-2005. The newspaper was hosted by the renowned Swiss archaeologist, Char Lee Bonnet, who spoke with admiration and pride about the Nubian civilization in Sudan, which preceded the Egyptian civilization and spent Charlie Bonnie About 40 years of excavations in the Sudanese monuments in the region of Karma despite the anger of nature and the difficulty of life and some have described the madness, he said, but he saw in his research and refining the pleasure of searching for the truth is a believer is that the Egyptian civilization extension of Sudanese civilization and the origin of Pharaonic civilization came from Sudan " Translation of Taha Yusuf

Archaeologist Phildeg said the findings of the team "changed all his convictions" related to a number of historical facts, because he now believes that the roots of ancient Egyptian civilization lie in Sudan today and not in Egypt. "We have discovered the African roots of Egyptian civilization here and this will give a new image not only to the Sudan as one of the great ancient civilizations, but to present another image to Egypt," said the German archaeologist. Deutsche Welle, DW-WORLD.DE, Culture and Society, 05.01.2007

"Dr. Williams said in an interview," Keith Sealy was suspected of being private tombs, possibly royal tombs. " "It was clear from the quantity and quality of colored pottery and jewelry that we were dealing with wealthy people, but the picture on the stone censer which indicated that it was actually a tomb of the king."
On the incense burner, which was broken and had to be assembled together again, there is a scene of the front of the palace, the crowned king sitting on the throne in a boat, the royal symbol behind him, hovering over the king god Falcon Horus. Most of these images were later associated with the royal traditions of Egyptian civilization. Part of the incense burner with which the king's drawing was missing, but Dr. Williams said the scholars agreed that the presence of the crown in the form known in Pharaonic Egypt and the god Horus are compelling evidence that the full picture was of the king. Dr. Williams said that the drawing representing the king on the incense burner is the oldest known representation of a king in the Nile Valley. His name is unknown, but is believed to have lived three centuries before the Scorpio, the well-known Egyptian ruler. The scorpion was one of three kings who ruled Egypt before the beginning of the so-called First Egyptian Dynasty around 3050 BC "Bois Rinsberger, New York Times, March 1, 1979, Nubian monarchy is the oldest in human history,

"The excavations carried out in Sudan reveal that this region, formerly called Nubia, could be the cradle of African civilization. Teams of archaeologists from the United States, Europe and Sudan have found traces of a sophisticated and original culture that Egypt may have been affected by.
After a long time after archaeological research of the excavations of the temples and pyramids which scientists believed to belong to the civilization of ancient Egypt, only to the south, in Sudan was a place of archaeological exploration. With at least 15 archaeological teams from the United States, Europe and Sudan sifting through the same sand to uncover the secrets of the ancient Nubia, which is the first black civilization in the world, where their regions stretched more than a thousand kilometers along the Nile, now known as the northern part of Sudan until The south of Egypt. All that has been revealed so far supports the conviction among scientists over the past 20 years that the Nubians were not merely servants and commercial partners of the Pharaoh

Egypt .. "Angels of mercy" steal medicines with half a million pounds

The Egyptian prosecution decided on Wednesday to detain four suspects, including three nurses, at the center of tumors in the governorate of Menoufia in the Nile Delta for 15 days on charges of fraud and seizure of drugs worth half a million Egyptian pounds ($ 27,000).
One of the accused nurses was the liaison between the administrative control body and the other defendants.

According to the investigation, the nurse claimed that her husband was suffering from cancer and urged the rest of the defendants to falsify letters stating that the patient was in the Menopaia Oncology Center and then obtained large quantities of drugs and sold them on their behalf.

After the iPhone Red .. Apple launches "cheaper iPad"

In conjunction with Apple's announcement of its launch of the red-tipped iPhone 7 on Tuesday, it appears that the US giant is seeking to strengthen its position in the world of electronics by launching "the cheapest iPad" in its history.
Apple officially launched a new iPad as a replacement for the 9.7-inch Air 2, the 32-gigabyte (32GB) Wi-Fi, and the 32GB, which supports the connection, will be sold at $ 459. Silver or golden or astronomical gray.

The new iPad enhances Apple's position and will outperform the iPad 4, which starts at $ 399 for 128 GB.

The new device comes with a high-definition retina and a new A9 processor that can accommodate more than 1.3 million custom applications.

The new iPad will be available from Friday through the Apple website, and customers will begin receiving the device when it arrives next week at Apple Stores.

World's best airports for 2017 revealed

2017 Skytrax World Airport Awards

1. Singapore Changi Airport
2. Tokyo International Airport (Haneda)
3. Incheon International Airport (Seoul, South Korea)
4. Munich Airport (Germany)
5. Hong Kong International Airport
6. Hamad International Airport (Doha, Qatar)
7. Chubu Centrair Nagoya (Japan)
8. Zurich Airport (Switzerland)
9. London Heathrow Airport
10. Frankfurt Airport (Germany)

Hamad International Airport: One to watch

Though no airport has been able to knock Changi from the top spot, there's been a bit of movement in the rest of the top 10.
Tokyo International Airport (Haneda) jumped two spots to push South Korea's Incheon International Airport from last year's second place position, moving Seoul's gateway to third.
Munich Airport dropped a spot and moved to fourth on the list, while Hong Kong International held onto its fifth place position.
Doha, Qatar's Hamad International Airport moved up four spots to number six -- a particularly impressive shift considering it was 22nd on the list in 2015.
Germany's Frankfurt Airport is the only newcomer to this year's World's Best Airports list, booting Osaka's Kansai International Airport from the top 10

US firms pull ads from Google as boycott over hate videos grows

Major US firms have pulled advertising from Google's YouTube platform as the internet giant faces widening pressure over hate videos.

Communications firms AT&T and Verizon suspended marketing on the platform after discovering their brands appearing alongside videos promoting terrorism and other inappropriate content.
The spreading corporate boycott, which began in the UK after revelations in The Times, threatens to dent Google's multi-billion dollar ad revenue.
It has already seen big companies including Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Volkswagen, L'Oreal, RBS, HSBC and Lloyds suspending ads, as well as the UK Government.
Google has apologised and said it would step up its efforts to block ads on "hateful, offensive and derogatory" videos.
It has pledged to police its websites better by hiring new staff and overhauling its policies.
But it has not been enough to stop the ad boycott spreading across the Atlantic to major US firms.

AT&T said: "We are deeply concerned that our ads may have appeared alongside YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate."
It said until the problem was fixed it was pulling ads from Google platforms other than its main search engine results.
Verizon said in a statement that it had decided to pull ads from YouTube to protect its website while investigating "weak links" among its digital advertising partners.
Both AT&T and Verizon are also trying to sell more digital ads in their own networks.
YouTube has become one of the fastest growing parts of Google's ad system, which generated $79bn (£63bn) in revenue last year.
Google does not disclose how much of this is from YouTube but research firm eMa

Samsung to unveil Galaxy S8 on March 29

Korean electronics giant Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S8 on March 29, the company has announced in a teaser video posted online.

According to media reports, the event will be held in New York City and will be streamed live on the company's website. Invites for the event have already been sent out.

Images leaked online suggest the device has a 6-inch touchscreen, no bezel and no home button.

Even the teaser video on YouTube shows the bezels vanishing from the phone, adding some truth to the rumours.

After the massive recall of the Galaxy Note 7, it is the first major new phone launch by Samsung.

Microsoft 'forcing' users to upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft has admitted that it is blocking Windows 7 and 8 updates on Intel's seventh generation Core i3, i5, Qualcomm's 8996 and other processors to 'force' users upgrade to Windows 10, a media report said.
According to a report in Forbes on Friday, when a user tries to run Windows Update, Windows is unable to search for new updates generating a message "Code 80240037 Windows Update encountered an unknown error".

"As new silicon generations are introduced, they will require the latest Windows platform at that time for support. This enables us to focus on deep integration between Windows and the silicon while maintaining maximum reliability and compatibility with previous generations of platform and silicon," the report quoted a Microsoft spokesperson as saying.
Micosoft is making sure its runs new silicon on latest Windows and install them on most new-build PCs running these processors.
"While there will be user benefits to this strategy, it also means that Microsoft is taking away a measure of control from users," the report noted.
Intel Skylake processors will also not be supported on Windows 7 and 8 from July. Therefore, its users will have to upgrade to keep the updates coming.