Oil rises as US stocks fall

Oil prices rose modestly on Friday as hopes for a reduction in the supply of crude in global markets were boosted as US inventories fell and support for OPEC's continued supply cut continued.
Brent crude futures were up 7 cents to $ 50.84 a barrel, while US light crude was up 1 cent to $ 47.84 a barrel.
According to Reuters, oil prices rose on Thursday with a lower than expected US crude inventories on a weekly basis of 5.3 million barrels, which is a sign that OPEC and other producers cut production helps to reduce the breadth of crude supply in global markets.
The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and other producers will meet on May 25 to decide whether or not to extend their production cut-off agreement in November. Saudi Arabia has said it expects an extension to the end of 2017 or perhaps beyond.
According to data published by Baker Hughes on Friday, US companies increased the number of oil rigs for the seventeenth week in a row by nine excavators to 712 platforms.
US oil production has risen more than 10 percent since mid-2016 to more than 9.3 million bpd, near the production levels of Russia and Saudi Arabia, the two largest producers

China and Greece .. Strategy "New Silk Road"

Chinese President Xi Jinping has offered strong support to Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Saturday, saying the two countries should expand their cooperation in infrastructure, energy and communications.
Shi Tsipras said that Greece is an important part of China's strategy for the new Silk Road.

China's Foreign Ministry quoted Xi as saying that cooperation in infrastructure, energy and communications should be "deep and strong."

Tsipras is in Beijing for a summit meeting to promote Xi's vision of expanding ties between Asia, Africa and Europe, backed by multi-billion dollar investment called the New Silk Road Initiative.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Xi said China and Greece should focus their efforts on turning the port of Perey into an important international shipping center and an important part of the new Silk Road.

The worst "pirate" history .. Egypt among the victims

In the midst of the international press coverage of the crisis of cyber attacks that hit dozens of countries, the reports put Egypt on the list of those involved in piracy and extortion on the Internet.
Security experts said 99 countries had been hit by more than 45,000 attacks, including Britain, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Italy, Spain, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico and Egypt, the worst wave of simultaneous attacks in history.

Although Egypt has been named in reports such as the Guardian, the Telegraph in Britain and the New York Times in the United States, the competent authorities have not made any official comment on the matter.

It was not immediately clear exactly who had been exposed to cyber piracy in Egypt and the impact of attacks on its work.

The wave of cyber-attacks "world-class" is worrying security experts, who have suggested that hackers may have benefited from a security flaw in Windows systems revealed by confidential US National Security Agency documents that have been hacked.

Malicious software used in attacks closes user files and forces them to pay ransom for re-opening.

On Friday, US authorities warned of a wave of simultaneous attacks, appealing to their victims not to pay money to pirates

What happened in "Night of Horror"?

.On a night of news, political, economic, and even sporting events, it turned out that there was no voice over Watsab's voice, that hugely popular service that had been cut off for hours. The world stood on its toes waiting for its return, and what happened to it?
Wassab's application to exchange messages on smartphones began after midnight on Thursday (GMT +4), and included all over the world, but returned to work after about two hours.

The sudden disruptions caused more than one billion users to be denied access to basic telecommunications services, sparking a "revolution" on social networking platforms.

And the inability of users to access the application, while confirmed the site "Down Detector" tracking the interruptions of the Internet, that the holidays have been reported on all continents except Antarctica, Antarctica.

The sudden stop has hit millions around the world, especially in developing countries and regions with expensive communication services, and Wattab is a basic service. A vast base of users, such as journalists and activists, who need a secure and convenient messaging service, rely radically on an application that has the encryption of messages sent from one party to another.

According to several websites, "screams" were heard on Twitter after the service was interrupted, in reference to the horror of Watsab users who imagined that "a serious thing" had been resolved by their favorite service.

He added: "We are currently facing a disruption of service, and our team is working to restore Wattab as soon as possible." We appreciate the patience of the users. "The Guizmodo website reported.

Although Watsab's use of the United States is not as strong as in other parts of the world, the response to the platforms was enough to realize the scale of the service, while some moved immediately to look for alternatives. In Brazil, as many users switched to Tilgram, During the hours it took to stop the service.

Although Watsab returned to work two hours later, the most important question continued unanswered. What happened? How do "addicts" ensure that they do not repeat it again?

Until Thursday morning, there was no clear comment from Watsab about what happened. But several sites have been talking about explanations that go beyond "technical flaws" to a "breakthrough" whose details have not been disclosed or those responsible for it - explanations that will probably remain uncertain for a long time.

The Dollar is climbing as US interest rates await

The Dollar rose against a basket of major currencies on Wednesday, as investors awaited the Federal Reserve's announcement on raising or keeping interest rates next June.
The dollar index rose 0.2 percent ahead of the Fed meeting, according to Reuters.

Against the Japanese currency, the dollar rose just 0.1 percent to 112.12 yen, approaching a six-week high of 112.33 yen on Tuesday.

The euro fell 0.1 percent to $ 1.0915, trading at a 5-1 / 2-month high of $ 1.0951 recorded last week.

The US Federal Reserve is widely expected to keep rates unchanged at the end of the monetary policy committee meeting today, but investors are waiting to see if the central bank will reduce the importance of the recent economic slowdown to keep the door open for next month's interest rate move.

US car sales data in April released on Tuesday bolstered concerns about the US economy, which grew at its slowest pace in three years in the first quarter of the year.

Infographics .. Apple's bank credit is greater than Britain and Canada

According to Apple's expected quarterly financial statements, its cash in banks reached $ 250 billion, more than twice the US foreign exchange reserves, and the combined cash reserves in Canada and Britain combined.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has increased its cash reserves according to financial results to be announced in May, to 250 billion dollars, a financial achievement did not achieve a single company at all on the level of liquid cash balance.

The US foreign exchange reserves stood at about $ 119 billion in March 2016, while the reserves in Britain reached $ 160 billion and in Canada to $ 81 billion.

France's cash reserves stood at $ 138 billion, Italy $ 134 billion, and Germany $ 193 billion for the same period.

By contrast, Apple's liquid cash is ranked tenth in terms of the world's largest cash reserves, if treated as a country, meaning that it exceeds 178 other countries

Despite the fake news .. an "enormous" increase in Facebook profits

The results of Facebook business on Wednesday showed a quarterly gain of 76.6 per cent, supported by strong growth in mobile advertising activities.
Revenue from mobile advertising accounted for 85 per cent of total advertising revenue of $ 7.86 billion in the first quarter ended March 31, compared with 82 per cent a year earlier.

Analysts had predicted on average that Facebook's total revenue from advertising would be $ 7.68 billion, according to FactSat Analytics.

Net profit attributable to shareholders increased to $ 3.06 billion, or $ 1.04 per share, from $ 1.73 billion, or 60 cents a share, a year earlier. According to Reuters.

Total revenue rose to $ 8.03 billion from $ 5.38 billion.