4 Cons of the Galaxy S8 may make your iPhone better

Since Wednesday evening, the world is buzzing with Samsung's new Samsung S8 phone, and despite its very advanced features, technical sites found in the new phone some of the drawbacks and disappointments that make iPhone 7 better.

The technical news site CNET has reported three disadvantages in the Galaxy S8, which will be available on April 21 at a price not disclosed by Samsung.


Samsung Galaxy S8 has adopted a 12-megapixel digital camera with a camera on the Galaxy S7 without any update, according to CNET.

"This modest camera is not enough to compete with the dual camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, making the Apple phone better," CNET said.

the battery

Do not expect a longer battery life on the Galaxy S8, because Samsung used a battery slightly smaller or the same size in the Galaxy S7, making Samsung enthusiasts are absent from the company's no battery level update.

Although the company said that the processor approved in the Galaxy S 8 "Snape Dragon 835" of Qualcomm will not consume the battery as previously, but that needs to be tested to verify the truth.

Personal Assistant Bixby

Samsung has unveiled the Pixby Personal Audio Assistant on the Galaxy S8, to compete with Siri from Apple, Cortana from Microsoft and Alexa from Amazon, as well as personal help with Google's Pixel.

Samsung said its personal assistant understood voice commands in their proper context and relied on artificial intelligence technology, but CNET said its testing of the feature had produced disappointing results.

The site said that the digital assistant "Pixby" works only with a limited number of applications of Samsung, and can not find the content on the Internet. He said Google's digital assistant could do much more than Bixby had done.

Screen measurement

Samsung Galaxy S8 has a strange ratio in the display is 18.5: 9, not the standard 16: 9 standard used in high-definition video.

Although the Samsung screen provides more space than required to play high-definition video, black space will appear in the display when watching those movies, and may cause problems when playing games and applications

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