6 "Myths" connected to charge your phone .. Get rid of them!

Although charging the phone seems easy and uncomplicated, it is associated with many illusions, which are often incorrect, some of which are as follows:

1-This is completely wrong, since most people currently have smart phones, and they are called smart for a number of reasons, including shipping-related, as your phone stops charging immediately after the battery is full.

2 - "Do not use your phone while charging it" .. Some argue that using the phone while doing the charging weakens the battery as it is not safe and this is a false idea.

3. "Charge the battery completely in the first use of the phone". Some technology companies recommend that you charge your phone battery completely in the first use to extend and maintain battery life. This is not true .. Feel free to charge or turn off your phone at any moment, as that advice is related to nickel-metal hydride batteries and not Lithium batteries currently used in phones.

4."All chargers are similar," expert Ken Sheriff said. "Counterfeit chargers pose a serious threat to people's safety, increase the risk of fire, and advise to buy chargers from certified companies and keep away from counterfeit devices.

5. "Leave your phone busy all day and all day of the week is good" .. This is completely wrong and harm the battery life .. It is always advised to turn off your phone from time to time and restart it.

6. "Positioning service kills the battery". It turned out that such services had nothing to do with draining your phone battery in a short time.

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