How to use the new camera features on Facebook?

Facebook added to its application for smart phones the features of the camera and stories "Story" inspired by the application Snape Chat, how to use the new feature?

First update your Facebook application on your iPhone or Android, then a camera icon will appear on the top right corner of the app (on your iPhone) next to the Search for friends or pages box.

When you press the camera button you can shoot directly to the front or back camera, then apply a series of visual effects or add text and graphics to the image via the tools provided by Facebook.

After taking photos or videos and adding the required edits, the user can send them directly to their friends on the site via Direct, or add them to an archive called Story so that they appear to friends for 24 hours and disappear as in Snape Chat.

The feature of taking pictures and adding effects such as masks, crowns and flowers first appeared in the years of chat and caught a great deal among adolescents, perhaps the reason why Facebook to imitate them.

"Our goal is to give users more of what they can do on Facebook, and that's really a source of inspiration," said Conor Hayes, Facebook product manager, in a press release.

Facebook, the world's largest social networking site with around 1.86 billion users, denies being inspired by Snape Chat's ideas and says it has been inspired by its users.

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