FARDI: They threatened to kill me because of Ranieri

Leicester City striker Jamie Farde has revealed that he and his wife were threatened with death after the dismissal of Claudio Ranieri from the Premier League.
Fardi, 30, said there were no problems between Ranieri and Leicester during the coach's tenure.

Ranieri left the club in February, nine months after the club won the Premier League title, and was succeeded by Craig Shakespeare.

He described the accusations as "false" and "misleading".

He said he had read an article that personally participated in the meeting that followed Leicester's match with Sevilla, while attending a meeting on anti-doping.

"My family and I are receiving death threats because of these allegations," he said, adding that some people tried to block his wife while driving a car and his children were sitting in the backseat.

The BBC had learned that some of the players of Leicester City had met with the club president after the 2-1 loss to Sevilla, adding that a decision had been reached on the dismissal of Ranieri from the post after the meeting due to negative player comments on their coach. .

"We must move forward, forget about this, and focus on

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