Most careers lead to suicide

LONDON (Reuters) - A recent British study, the list of most professions that admit suicidal workers, has listed hopes that their data will help avoid more victims of "self-killing" in the future.
The study, conducted by the National Center for Statistics, that women working as nurses in Britain, candidates to commit suicide, more than 23 percent, compared to the rate of suicide in the country.

Teachers in primary schools are 42 percent more likely to commit suicide than Britain, according to the Independent.

On the other hand, women who work in the field of culture and information are less likely to commit suicide than the general suicide rate in Britain.

Among men, the study found that less efficient workers, more than three times more likely to commit suicide, as well as construction workers, compared to the overall suicide rate in Britain.

The study added that those who work in the field of care are more exposed to suicide, compared to the general rate, whether male or female.

The Executive Director of the Public Health Authority in Britain, that suicide has become one of the leading causes of death in the country among those under the age of 50 years.

Duncan Selby said that more and more women are accepting each year to put an end to their lives, while the study revealed that suicide usually ends in death when it is accepted by non-beneficiaries of health services, losing the ability to endure without support.

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