MTV Rihanna honors him with the Michael Jackson Award

MTV says it will recognize - at its concert for the awarding of music video - singer Rihanna by awarding the Michael Jackson Award for Pioneer Music in recognition of the impact of the cultural artist

Rianna will receive the award at an annual ceremony on August 28 at the Madison Square Gardens in New York, and will also sing at the ceremony.
Rianna, 28, has become one of the most successful artists of her time and holds the record for sales of digital music discs, with more than 100 million copies sold.
Rianna twice won the best music video of the year presented by MTV.
In 2007, she won the award for the song "Umbrella", which was characterized by a technical development in which the fluid seemed to move in harmony with the movements of the singer whose silver-colored skin.
She also won the prize in 2012 for a video song "We Found Love", a video of Riana's photos at different stages of a stormy relationship.
Beyonce, the contender for this year's award, is being presented with the film "Tachkoub", which includes works from her album "Lemonade".
The award, which will be recognized by Rianna, the Michael Jackson Award for Pioneer Music Video, recognizes the contributions of artists to music and popular culture. An award not granted annually.
It was won last year by singer Canie West, who used the presentation ceremony to announce his intention to run for president in 2020.

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