New way to interact with the Galaxy "S8"

Samsung said it gave the user a new way to interact with my Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, launched in 
New York, the United States on Wednesday.

According to Samsung, the new device has a smart interface "Bixby" (Bixby), which will help users to take advantage of more than their phones.

With the new Pixby button, the user will have easy access to Bixby, and move between services and applications with voice commands, touch and text commands.

The launch of this service integrates Bixby's audio functionality with many original Samsung applications and features including camera, contacts, photo gallery, messaging and settings.

The contextual awareness capabilities of the Bixby function allow specialized assistance to users, based on what they continue to know about user interests, status, and location.

Users can also shop, search for photos and get details about nearby places with photo recognition technology from Pixie.

With the growth of the Pixi system, it will be linked to devices, applications and services as a widespread interface, and will provide new experiences and scenarios to simplify everyday life.

The Galaxy S8 also offers a rich portfolio of products and services and has a VR Gear with a controller, powered by Oculus.

The console allows the phone to operate and browse with one hand comfortably, providing the best dynamic interaction when accessing interactive VR Gear content.

The Galaxy S8 will also be connected to the new 360 non-360 camera program, to create 4K video, 360 degree and 15 megapixel photos.

The Samsung DeX benefits from the processing power of the Galaxy S8 to enhance productivity.

The company says Samsung DEX is the "unique solution that transforms the smartphone ... into a desktop with a secure, desktop-like experience."

With Samsung DEX, users can easily view and edit data from their phones, making the work of the smartphone faster and 

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