Scientists discover how Earth and the Moon were formed

Scientists have concluded that the current planet is a collision with another Mars-sized planet called Thea. The collision resulted from the emergence of the moon, which was orbiting the Earth because of its attractiveness.
  Analyzes of the moon's rocks, brought by astronauts on Apollo flights between 1969 and 1972, showed that their chemical composition contains both Thia and Earth elements, 50 percent each.

Scientists believe that Thia's collision with the Earth was violent enough to form a cloud of debris, set off in space to form the Moon later, which would justify the existence of chemical components of the planets in the formation of the moon.

Scientists believe the Thia collision with the Earth took place almost 100 million years after the earth was formed at a 45 degree angle.

Scientists stress the need for further studies to validate the evidence, which has been vague for long periods of time.

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