"The most important feature" in the iPhone 8

Forbes said that new features to be added to the new Apple phone, "iPhone 8," focused largely on the exterior of the phone.
The magazine said in a report on Sunday that the front camera of the phone will be used as a tool in identifying the user and thus opening and closing the device, depending on the technology of an Israeli company.

She pointed out that this feature means to abandon the "Home button" located at the bottom of the phones and PIN used in opening the phone, and considered it the most important feature in the new device.
The 2017 is the year of large screens for smart phones, which will apply to the phone "iPhone 8" which will be available without edges in the vicinity of the screen almost.

There are many reports of the removal of the "Home button" in the new phone, and the company has time to remove the button better than that of its competitors.

Apple is expected to introduce user identification through the fingerprint on the phone screen

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