What does the color of your country passport mean?

Have you ever asked yourself why your passport was colored, and why was this color chosen without the other colors?

A question that seems ambiguous, although walnuts around the world are concentrated in 4 colors: red, green, blue and black.

But these passports in their four colors come in multiple color gradations, so there are many colors for different passports
A passport is a document that allows any person to enter a country other than his own, and you must have noticed during the queue of passport control for arrivals and departures at the airport that the colors of the passports they hold are limited.

The process of choosing the color of the passport has more than one scenario, and depends on the choice of each country, which usually have its own reasons to adopt a particular color.

For example, the European Union countries adopted the red color, while the Caribbean basin countries from 15 countries adopted blue.

There is no doubt that there are political and geographic factors behind the choice of passport color. Some may say that the red color as a result of the Communist past and blue may refer to the new world.

However, the Arab Islamic countries follow the religious dimension in choosing the green color of the passport, because of its religious importance, not to mention being a symbol of nature and life.

The United States tried to use three colors - red, green and finally blue - in keeping with the predominant color of science, while countries such as Switzerland and New Zealand chose red to express their identity.

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