Detect who tried to attack Assiri in London

Several websites revealed the details of the attempt to attack Major General Ahmed Asiri, advisor to the Saudi Defense Minister and spokesman for the coalition forces to support the legitimacy in Yemen, and identified the perpetrators, by tracking what they posted on their pages in the sites Media Media.

The assailants were of British, Bahraini and Iranian nationality, and the person who filmed the video on the Internet was an Iranian who was with the two men.

According to some websites, the Bahraini is Sayed Ahmed al-Wadai. The British is Sam Walton, a friend of Mr. Al-Wadai. Other sites reported the presence of another Bahraini, Musa Abed Ali.

Al-Wada'i, a London-based Bahraini, belongs to Iranian-backed opposition groups in Bahrain and has already been convicted.

The British and the Bahraini (while filmed by the Iranian) had tried to intercept the path of Asiri going to participate in the European Council on Foreign Relations to discuss the situation in Yemen. But security intervenes and prevents them.

Iran, or close to it, was quick to publish the video and the news of the attempted attack. The Saudi embassy in London issued a brief statement confirming that Asiri was unhurt and in good condition.

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