Detection of "Super Earth"

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US scientists have discovered a planet called Super Earth because of its similarity to Earth, suggesting it is the most exciting discovery in the field of viable planets.
Scientists looking for viable planets have suggested that Super Earth is about 39 light-years away, Sky News reported Wednesday.

Scientists at the Harvard Sutsonian Center for Royal Physics say the age of the cup is more than 5 billion years old, enough for the evolution of life.

"This is the most exciting outer planet I have seen in the past decade," said research leader Dr. Jason Dittman. "We did not hope for more than this discovery since the beginning of the search for evidence of extraterrestrial life."

According to available data, the size of the planet is 1.4 times the size of the Earth, seven times the Earth's mass.

The scientists say it is located in the heart of a healthy area for the population, a region where the temperature reaches a reasonable degree to allow the flow of surface water, indicating that the "super land" consists of rocks and soles of iron.

The scientific discovery was reported in the journal Nature, and scientists used the mother Earth telescope at the Space Observatory in Chile.

US scientists stepped up their search for viable planets after the discovery of the first such planet outside the solar system in 1992. Since then, 3500 worlds have been discovered in 2675 astral systems.

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