"Hacker" launches 156 whistle in Dallas

DALLAS, California (Reuters) - An electronic hacker fired all the alarm sirens in Dallas for about 90 minutes in one of the biggest known sirens, officials said on Saturday.

The 156 sirens, usually used to warn hurricanes and dangerous weather conditions, were launched at 11:42 pm US time.

The alarm sirens were stopped at 1:17 am on Saturday when engineers manually shut down the siren system, said Rocky Vaz, director of the city's emergency department.

"At this stage, we can tell you with a great deal of confidence that someone outside our system has been able to infiltrate and operate the whistles," he told reporters.

He said engineers were working to reboot the system and should finish its recovery later Sunday.

He explained that Dallas would rely on local media and telephone calls on the emergency number until the whistles were re-activated.

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