Loss of a South Korean freighter off Uruguay

A South Korean cargo ship with its 24 crew members was lost off the coast of Uruguay after a distress call was made, Uruguayan news agency Agence France-Presse reported, citing "indications of sinking."

The Stella Daisy cargo ship, with a capacity of 260,000 tons, sent a distress call Friday at 1130 (1430 GMT), citing a leakage of water.

"Another vessel noted fuel stains and debris, as well as a strong fuel smell, indicating that the ship was sunk," the Uruguayan Navy said in a statement.

The South Korean authorities said the crew of Stella Daisy was composed of eight South Koreans and 16 Filipinos.

South Korean Yonhap news agency quoted government sources as saying that a lifeboat and two crew members were found in the area.

Despite the absence of the vessel in the territorial waters of Uruguay, it is located in the country's search and relief zone, 2,000 kilometers (3,700 km) east of the port of Montevideo, according to the navy.

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