North Korea's "nuclear submarines" are causing panic

Concerns are growing that North Korea will launch a nuclear attack amid reports of its readiness to carry out a sixth nuclear test and concern over its "mysterious" submarines, which have disappeared from radar screens.
Some 50 North Korean submarines disappeared from the radar two years ago, before security officials in South Korea confirmed that many of them had reappeared, the Daily Mail reported.

Last December, satellite images in the southern port of Sinbo showed that there may be preparations for attacks from submarines. Camouflage nets have been removed from weapons and equipment near the submarines has been equipped to suggest possible attacks.

This comes at a time when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said North Korea might launch missile attacks with chemical sarin gas in an attack similar to that of Khan Sheikun in Syria.

The North 38 Institute said that based on satellite imagery on March 25, North Korea was preparing for a sixth nuclear test.

He said the images showed mechanisms and equipment (communication cables and water pumps) at the Bungyei-ri site, indicating that he was preparing for a sixth nuclear test, coinciding with the 100th anniversary of the birth of Kim Il Sung's founder.

The tension between the United States and North Korea has escalated in recent weeks, amid reports of Pyongyang's intention to carry out the nuclear test Saturday, coinciding with the celebrations of the 115th anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il Sung

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