Pirates expose US surveillance of bank transfers

Piracy reports have revealed that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has access to a SWIFT banking system, allowing it to monitor financial flows between some Middle Eastern and Latin American banks.
According to online security adviser Shin Shuk, who helped banks investigate the intrusion of their SWIFT systems, the files, which were leaked by a group called Shadow Brokers, included computer code that could be adapted by criminals to penetrate system servers and monitor messaging activities .

Security sources said the leaks also revealed software to attack different versions of the Windows operating system, some of which at least still work so far.

Microsoft, developer of Windows, said in a statement to Reuters that it had not warned any part of the US government that such files had been found or stolen. "Unlike journalists, no individual or organization has contacted us with regard to materials from shadow brokers.

Shawk warned that cybercriminals could use information published on Friday to infiltrate banks and steal money in operations that mimicked the Central Bank of Bangladesh (CBB) 's penetration incident and resulted in the theft of $ 81 million.

The SWIFT system is used by banks to transfer trillions of dollars every day. The SWIFT, a Belgian-based company, has reduced the risk of attacks using the code recently published. She regularly issues security updates and teaches her clients how to deal with known threats.

Swift denied that there was any evidence that the main network of its messaging system had entered without authorization. "In particular, the National Security Agency did not mention that local messaging systems for some client banks could have penetrated," the statement said in a statement.

Documents from the Shadow Brokers group indicate that the NSA may have reached Swift through its service offices. Swift service offices are companies that provide a SWIFT access point for smaller network customers and may send or receive money transfer messages on their behalf.

The documents leaked by the former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor, Edward Snowden, in 2013 revealed that the agency was monitoring Swift's messaging system to monitor remittances aimed at financing the crimes

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