Response to "Chemical Assad" .. Pentagon details and a Syrian military statement

The Syrian regime responded to the targeting of American missiles at the military airfield in the center of Homs early Friday, a military statement "makes Washington a partner for Daash and victory," while the US Defense Department confirmed that the strike was "a response proportionate to the attack of the infamous Assad."

The Pentagon is referring to the "heinous Assad attack" of the chemical attacks carried out by the Syrian regime's planes on the town of Khan Sheikun in the province of Idlib last Tuesday, resulting in dozens of deaths and injuries, and provoked angry reactions around the world.

Although it is not the first time that Assad's regime has been accused of chemical attacks on civilians, the US strike is unprecedented, a clear reversal from the new administration led by Donald Trump over former President Barack Obama's slack.

The statement by the Pentagon confirms Washington's determination not to tolerate such attacks, and said, in its statement, "US forces directed by the President a missile strike on a Syrian air force airport .."

"The strike was aimed at Shaareat airport in the province of Homs and came in response to the attack by the Syrian government with chemical weapons on April 4 in Khan Sheikhaun, which killed and wounded hundreds of innocent Syrians, including women and children."

"The strike was launched using Tomahawk ground offensive missiles launched from the destroyers USSBorter and USRUs in the eastern Mediterranean.

"A total of 59 such missiles targeted aircraft, anti-aircraft, oil and logistics stockpiles, ammunition supply bunkers, air defense systems and radar."

"As always, the United States has taken exceptional measures to avoid civilian casualties and comply with the law of armed conflict and has taken all necessary precautions to carry out this strike with minimal risk to airport staff," the Pentagon said.

"The strike is a proportionate response to the infamous Assad attack," he said, adding that the airport was used to store chemical weapons and the Syrian air force.

"The US intelligence community assesses that the aircraft that launched the chemical weapons attack was launched from the bristles on April 4. The strike aimed to deter the regime from using chemical weapons again."

"The Russian forces were notified before the strike using a line to avoid overlapping operations, and US military planners took precautions to reduce the risk to Russian or Syrian staff at the airport."

"Preliminary evidence indicates that this strike has seriously damaged or destroyed Syrian aircraft, infrastructure and supporting equipment at Shaareat airport, reducing the ability of the Syrian government to hand over chemical weapons, and the use of chemical weapons against innocent people will not be tolerated."

Damascus responded to the air strikes, saying between the "General Command of the army and the armed forces": "a blatant aggression targeted one of the bases of the Syrian Arab air force in the central region with a number of rockets," which led to "killing six people," and the number of casualties and damage Materialism ".

He added that "this condemned American aggression confirms the continuation of the American strategy wrong and undermines the counter-terrorism operation carried out by the Syrian Arab Army and makes the United States of America a partner of Daash and support and other terrorist organizations .."

She explained that "the United States of America to try to justify this aggression under the pretext of the use of the Syrian Arab army for chemical weapons in Khan Sheikun without knowing the truth of what happened and the identification of responsible would send the wrong messages to terrorist groups make them continue to use chemical weapons in the future whenever it suffered significant losses Battlefield ".

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