Scientists discover the "beautiful secret" in storing memories

Scientists have discovered how memories are stored in the human brain. The latter stores two copies of each event, in a precedent that leads them to what they call the "beautiful secret."

The researchers said they were surprised when they realized the secrets behind how memories are made and stored.

The researchers found, according to the newspaper "Telegraph" that the brain stores the memories of events through "multiply" any industry copies of each event, noting that a copy of the present and a second version for the long term.

It was believed that all memories are stored in the brain through a single copy, which is initially short-lived and then transformed into a lifetime version.

Experts said MIT's results in the United States were "beautiful and convincing."

Two parts of the brain collect and store human personal experiences. Hippocampus collects short-term memories, while the cortex maintains long-term memories.

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