The American strike in Syria: Arab and international support and voices of condemnation

The US strike on a Syrian air base in the central city of Homs on Friday provoked widespread 
support, while some countries backed Syrian President Bashar al-Assad opposed the strike.

Turkey considered the American strike on the base of the military capillaries "positive," said Deputy Prime Minister Noman Kortulmush, who said: "The Assad regime must be punished fully at the international level."

Mohammed Alloush, an official in the Syrian opposition, called for international air strikes on all Syrian air bases targeting the Syrians, the latest of which was the poison gas attack on the town of Khan Sikhun in Idlib.

Saudi Arabia has declared its full support for US military operations in Syria in response to the "chemical attack" in Khan Sheikun, which killed 86 people, citing the "courageous decision" of US President Donald Trump.

The UAE confirmed its support for the American strikes against the Syrian regime. The Jordanian Foreign Ministry expressed its support for the American military action, considering it a necessary and appropriate response to the Syrian regime's targeting of the innocent.

"We have witnessed the Syrian regime's violations in recent years," said government spokesman Raval Pochenik. "The government supports the US missile strike on the Syrian air base. No one has reacted to this."

On Thursday, US President Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on the base of the air brim from which planes launched a chemical weapons attack last Tuesday.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Errolt described the US strike in Syria as "a warning to a criminal regime," saying that "the use of chemical weapons is horrific and must be punished because it is a war crime"

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