The Oscars set new conditions for competition

Oscar organizers announced on Friday new competition conditions that prevent multi-part documentaries from being printed.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences explained that the change would apply to all multi-part film series and to limited strings that would have sought to qualify for the award next year.

In addition, documentaries shown on television channels or DVDs will be excluded before being submitted to the jury in order to qualify for competition.

The decision comes a few months after the OJMedn America documentary, which was shown in several parts as the best documentary.

The film was produced by the ESPN Foundation and extends for eight hours, interspersed with breaks at the screening of major film festivals and in limited halls and then qualified to participate in the competition.

The film tells of the attempted assassination of former American soccer star O. Simpson in 1995, and won the Oscars in February.

The Academy of Arts and Sciences has been modifying the eligibility rules for the Oscars.

The new rules, this year, include not allowing members of the Academy to attend any luncheon or dinner hosted by a film competing for the Oscars without including performances

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