Infographics .. Apple's bank credit is greater than Britain and Canada

According to Apple's expected quarterly financial statements, its cash in banks reached $ 250 billion, more than twice the US foreign exchange reserves, and the combined cash reserves in Canada and Britain combined.
The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has increased its cash reserves according to financial results to be announced in May, to 250 billion dollars, a financial achievement did not achieve a single company at all on the level of liquid cash balance.

The US foreign exchange reserves stood at about $ 119 billion in March 2016, while the reserves in Britain reached $ 160 billion and in Canada to $ 81 billion.

France's cash reserves stood at $ 138 billion, Italy $ 134 billion, and Germany $ 193 billion for the same period.

By contrast, Apple's liquid cash is ranked tenth in terms of the world's largest cash reserves, if treated as a country, meaning that it exceeds 178 other countries

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