The worst "pirate" history .. Egypt among the victims

In the midst of the international press coverage of the crisis of cyber attacks that hit dozens of countries, the reports put Egypt on the list of those involved in piracy and extortion on the Internet.
Security experts said 99 countries had been hit by more than 45,000 attacks, including Britain, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Italy, Spain, Australia, Belgium, France, Germany, Mexico and Egypt, the worst wave of simultaneous attacks in history.

Although Egypt has been named in reports such as the Guardian, the Telegraph in Britain and the New York Times in the United States, the competent authorities have not made any official comment on the matter.

It was not immediately clear exactly who had been exposed to cyber piracy in Egypt and the impact of attacks on its work.

The wave of cyber-attacks "world-class" is worrying security experts, who have suggested that hackers may have benefited from a security flaw in Windows systems revealed by confidential US National Security Agency documents that have been hacked.

Malicious software used in attacks closes user files and forces them to pay ransom for re-opening.

On Friday, US authorities warned of a wave of simultaneous attacks, appealing to their victims not to pay money to pirates

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