What happened in "Night of Horror"?

.On a night of news, political, economic, and even sporting events, it turned out that there was no voice over Watsab's voice, that hugely popular service that had been cut off for hours. The world stood on its toes waiting for its return, and what happened to it?
Wassab's application to exchange messages on smartphones began after midnight on Thursday (GMT +4), and included all over the world, but returned to work after about two hours.

The sudden disruptions caused more than one billion users to be denied access to basic telecommunications services, sparking a "revolution" on social networking platforms.

And the inability of users to access the application, while confirmed the site "Down Detector" tracking the interruptions of the Internet, that the holidays have been reported on all continents except Antarctica, Antarctica.

The sudden stop has hit millions around the world, especially in developing countries and regions with expensive communication services, and Wattab is a basic service. A vast base of users, such as journalists and activists, who need a secure and convenient messaging service, rely radically on an application that has the encryption of messages sent from one party to another.

According to several websites, "screams" were heard on Twitter after the service was interrupted, in reference to the horror of Watsab users who imagined that "a serious thing" had been resolved by their favorite service.

He added: "We are currently facing a disruption of service, and our team is working to restore Wattab as soon as possible." We appreciate the patience of the users. "The Guizmodo website reported.

Although Watsab's use of the United States is not as strong as in other parts of the world, the response to the platforms was enough to realize the scale of the service, while some moved immediately to look for alternatives. In Brazil, as many users switched to Tilgram, During the hours it took to stop the service.

Although Watsab returned to work two hours later, the most important question continued unanswered. What happened? How do "addicts" ensure that they do not repeat it again?

Until Thursday morning, there was no clear comment from Watsab about what happened. But several sites have been talking about explanations that go beyond "technical flaws" to a "breakthrough" whose details have not been disclosed or those responsible for it - explanations that will probably remain uncertain for a long time.

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